GRL is excited at the potential opportunities that its exploration activities can bring to the Gloucester region, including new jobs and growth to the local economy. We are committed  to working in partnership with the community, keeping the community informed and acting in a constructive and consultative way at all times. We welcome any enquiries that you have regarding our exploration activities. Please see ‘Contact’.

The Gloucester Exploration Program Community Consultation Committee was formed in 2007 to provide a forum for open discussion between GRL, appointed community representatives, other interested community stakeholders, Gloucester and Great Lakes Councils, and relevant government agencies.

The forum provides for the exchange of information and the identification and addressing of potential concerns. It also allows GRL to communicate and notify the general community of its exploration activities.

The meetings are operated in accordance with a Charter formulated and prepared by the NSW Industry and Investment (Mineral Resources) and is chaired by an independent Chairperson appointed by the Minister. Click here to view the Charter.

CCC membership currently comprises:

• 6 elected community members
• a representative of Mid Coast Council
• a representative of NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), Divison of Resources and Geoscience (DRG)
• GRL Representatives

Community Consultative Committee meetings are held to provide regular updates from GRL and to provide information directly to the community. 

Please see the links below for access to the more recent approved meeting minutes and previous meeting information.  

Contact details for the CCC members are as follows.

Lisa Andrews

Melissa Williams

Emma Prince

Steve Robinson
Anthony Berecry
Trevor Sansom
Ray Dawes
Bill Williams
Stewart Carruthers

Cr Claire Pontin

Brian Clifford
Graham Holley
Bob Corbett